Repairs of gas pipelines carried out by welding technology

Authors of the publication: Leždík, V., Koňár, R., Koreňová, N.
Year of publication: 2020

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Obsah knihy

The presented publication describes, in a simple and comprehensible form, the methodology for repairing production and operational errors of gas pipelines. The publication summarizes the practical experience gained in the repair of steel and plastic gas pipelines, also with specifics describing the problems and real conditions during the repair of the gas pipeline, which are largely carried out by welding technology with subsequent non-destructive testing of the repaired parts of the gas pipeline.

The book is professionally focused in three areas. The first area is the technology of repairing gas pipelines made of steel and plastic and their practical implementation, the second area is the possibilities of using and limiting non-destructive inspections carried out during repairs, and their concrete implementation. The third part is a description of threats and possibilities for improving the safety of gas pipelines at the present time.


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